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Hope Calendar - Recognitions

6/12/216                     Full Day of Meals

In Honor of Our Anniversary

Sponsored by Eric & Jamie Knorr


6/12/2016                  Breakfast

In Honor of Elizabeth Gibson & In Memory of Robert Gibson

Sponsored by Mary & Labe Sloop


6/15/2016                  Breakfast

In Honor of Moffett Churn for her birthday

Sponsored by Marianna, David, Allison, Devereaux & Ian Swaim


6/15/2016                  Supper

Sponsored by Fred & Ann Medlin

Thank you for your donation!


6/18/2016                  Breakfast

Sponsored by Paul & Beth Woodson

Thank you for your donation!


6/18/2016                  Lunch

In Memory of my brother, Joe Hearne Rufty

Sponsored by Bruce Rufty


6/18/2016                  Supper

Sponsored by Mrs. Jane Gamewell

Thank you for your donation!


6/19/2016                  Full Day of Meals

Sponsored by Mrs. Jane Gamewell

Thank you for your donation!


6/20/2016                  Breakfast

In Memory of Mike Steele

Sponsored by Joan Steele


6/20/2016                  Supper

In Memory of Lynn F Simpson

Sponsored by Dorothy P Simpson


6/21/2016                  Breakfast

In Honor of Melody & David Moxley

Sponsored by Philip Barton & Steven Tarlton


6/21/2016                  Supper

Sponsored by Mike & Mary Yavenditti

Thank you for your donation!


6/28/2016                  Breakfast

In Honor of Donna & Mel Smith

Sponsored by Ned & Shully Storey


6/28/2016                  Supper

In Memory of Dr. Jay L Smith, Jr.

Sponsored by Gwendolyn O Smith


6/30/2016                  Breakfast

In Memory of Donald E & Timothy J Sunding

Sponsored by Betty Sunding


6/30/2016                  Supper

Sponsored by Jim & Barbara Norman

Thank you for your donation!


6/30/2016                  Breakfast

In Honor of our 42nd Wedding Anniversary

Sponsored by Joel & Alice Ritchie


Rowan Helping Ministries provides assistance in meeting basic human needs

 for those finding themselves in crisis

in Rowan County, NC.

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Hope Calendar Sponsorships


Hunger is a serious problem in Rowan County. Over 19% of our neighbors live in poverty. Over 24,000 people (17.4%) struggle to pay for food. As winter approaches, their financial burdens are greater as they choose between buying groceries or paying for heat. But you can help lighten their loads. 


Our HOPE Calendar campaign allows you to help our neighbors in need by sponsoring meals served at Rowan Helping Ministries. You can honor family, friends, co-workers, pastors, or other special people on any occasion with each meal you sponsor. 




We feed the hungry. This year Rowan Helping Ministries will serve over 95,000 meals in Jeannie's Kitchen. Lunch is served to anyone who needs a hot, nutritious meal. Breakfast and dinner are provided for our shelter guests. 


Help us feed the hungry by sponsoring a meal for the day, week or more in honor, memorial, birthday, anniversary, special occasion or just because. The sponsorship cost and levels are:


Breakfast: $50.00 Lunch: $250.00 Dinner: $100.00 One Full Day: $400.00 One Full Week: $2,800.00




The honoree will be recognized/honored on the HOPE CALENDAR  on this website. Donors who contribute more than $50 will receive a copy of the printed CALENDAR which features pictures of churches in our Rowan County community.


Thank you for your generosity and support in this effort to feed the hungry.


To honor someone in this special way you may click on the "Online Donation" button at the top of the page to make a secure credit card donation. You may call Kris Mueller at 704-637-6838 x103 for Visa or MasterCard donations or send a check to Rowan Helping Ministries along with the following information:Reserved Date, Donor Name & Address, Honoree Name, Occasion or in Memory of, and where to send Acknowledgements.

More ways to help

Would you like an easy way to help those in need by regularly giving to Rowan Helping Ministries?  By using the "Online Giving" button at the top of this page you have the options of giving monthly, quarterly or annually in addition to a one-time gift.  Remember, your gift can change lives. 


2nd harvest

Rowan Helping Ministries is a partner agency of Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina (SHFBM). SHFBM partners and distributes food and essential grocery items to approximately 550 hunger feeding agencies in 19 counties in North and South Carolina. Agencies served include emergency pantries, soup kitchens, senior programs, shelters and low-income daycares.


USDA Emergency Food Assistance


USDA Emergency Food Assistance can be applied for and is now being distributed at Rowan Helping Ministries. This is no longer a quarterly process/distribution and you may apply at your convenience at Rowan Helping Ministries. 


"In accordance with Federal Law and USDA policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national orgin, sex, age or disability."