7/17/2016                 Breakfast

In Memory of Steve Shirley

Sponsored by Landon & Abigail Walbrown


7/17/2016                     Supper

Sponsored by Mary H Messinger

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7/18/2016                     Breakfast

Sponsored by Clyde H Harris Jr

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7/18/2016                     Supper

In Honor of Bob & Mary Ellen Bailey

Sponsored by Margaret Matrone


7/18/16                       Full Day of Meals

Sponsored by the Pregnancy Support Council

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7/19/16                       Full Day of Meals

Sponsored by the Pregnancy Support Council

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7/31/2016                     Breakfast

Sponsored by Timothy W Goodman

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7/31/16                       Supper

Sponsored by Barry & Glenda Dyson

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8/1/2016                     Breakfast

In Honor of Mark Jennings

Sponsored by Sue Medley, Paula Ferguson, Lisa Miller and Linda Hartley


8/1/2016                     Supper

Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Steve Havnaer

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8/2/2016                     Breakfast

Sponsored by Cynthia & Gary Lingle

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8/2/2016                     Supper

Sponsored by Elizabeth Mohs

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8/3/2016                  Breakfast

In Honor of Karen & Steve Hart

Sponsored by Mary & Labe Sloop


8/6/2016                     Breakfast

In Honor of Joyce & Tom Caddell

Sponsored by Ken Clapp


8/6/2016                  Supper

In Memory of Margy Fink

Sponsored by Traci & Brad Williams

About Us



Rowan Helping Ministries is a continuation of Rowan Cooperative Christian Ministry, a ministry begun in 1967 by several of Salisbury’s downtown churches. Rowan Helping Ministries was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization September 18, 1986. At that time, the Shelter rotated among several of the downtown churches and only operated during the winter months. The Soup Kitchen was provided by First Presbyterian Church and Crisis Assistance Network worked out of John Calvin Presbyterian Church. The Clothing Center was at the old Price High School building and Dial Help, incorporated in November 1970, was in the basement of Tri-County Mental Health. In December 1989, all of these programs moved to 226 North Long Street and became a part of Rowan Helping Ministries. 


Our programs include: the Shelter, Jeannie's Kitchen, Clothing Center, Food Pantry, Crisis Assistance Network, Transitional Housing Programs, Rowan Helping Ministries-West, and New Tomorrows. We have a full-time staff of twenty-three and a part-time staff of fourteen. We rely on 45-50 volunteers daily, and without them, Rowan Helping Ministries wouldn't be possible.

Rowan Helping Ministries serves those in need in Rowan County in many ways.


In 2014-15 we:


  • Served the hungry: 98,753 prepared meals were served in Jeannie's Kitchen


  • Fed the hungry: 583,674 pound of groceries were distributed to 20,499 individuals


  • Clothed those in need: 11,511 individuals received seasonal donated clothing


  • Prevented Homelessness: $889,290 in financial assistance vouchers were issued to 4,867 households in crises to prevent evictions or utility disconnections, and to provide for prescription medications


  • Sheltered the homeless: 489 different men, women and children were provided 27,909 nights of shelter services


  • Helped transition the homeless into self-sufficiency: 63 working families and individuals were provided an apartment and life skills training through our Eagle's Nest Transtitional Housing Programs


59,051 Volunteer hours, worth $947,769, made this possible.


*All Data is for fiscal year ended June 30, 2015

Challenges and Opportunities...


Each year those in our community who struggle financially seem to face additional challenges. Today, current economic times bring challenges to many who have been faithful volunteers and donors. They are now losing their jobs, finding their resources diminished and for the first time are also seeking our services. Rowan Helping Ministries continues to create new opportunities to meet these challenges. While we are “busting at the seams” for space, thankfully God’s love is in action everyday. Those in need continue to be fed, sheltered and clothed. There are days when up to 80 households are being interviewed for financial assistance vouchers.


Rowan Helping Ministries-West, our satellite location in Mt. Ulla which serves clients in western Rowan County, is thriving and is self-supporting.



The increase in need for services has prompted changes and improvements in how services are provided. Change, although sometimes difficult, is necessary for Rowan Helping Ministries to move forward to meet new challenges. Please give what you can in volunteer hours, food, clothing and monetary contributions to Rowan Helping Ministries.