Richard's Story of Recovery

Five months ago, Richard stood at the entrance to the homeless shelter contemplating a life-altering decision.

He could wait several hours in the cold weather outside to see if the shelter would have an open bed later in the day.

Or he could spend his last $12 on alcohol and allow the sadness, disappointment, and loneliness to gradually slip from his mind.

Richard spent a long time thinking about his life – his years in the military, the marriage that eventually ended, his 3 children including the precious son lost at age 6 to a medical condition, his eventual slide into alcoholism, depression and now homelessness.  

Then he thought of his adult son and his two beautiful grandchildren, whom he wanted so desperately to be allowed to see again.

And he made his decision.  

Glancing at his watch, he realized it was time to check on whether a bed had opened.  He stood up, went inside, and stepped into a new life that would evolve at Rowan Helping Ministries.

Today, Richard is five months sober.  He has a job as an HVAC supervisor for a company that owns several Rowan County hotels.  He lives in Rowan Helping Ministries’ transitional housing while he saves his money for a new home and works to build strength and resources needed to move fully and successfully to stable housing and independence.  

He talks frequently to his son and grandchildren and is planning a trip to visit them at their home in Jacksonville, NC.

Several months ago, Richard was interviewed by Carolyn Peterson at WSAT about how his life had been transformed through the programs and services at Rowan Helping Ministries.  

Click on the links below to hear the three radio segments in which Richard explains how those who support Rowan Helping Ministries - donors, volunteers, businesses, churches and others - have helped him change his life.

Thank you to Carolyn Peterson and Buddy Poole at WSAT Radio FM 103.3 AM 1280 - Salisbury Radio for highlighting Richard’s success story and the programs at Rowan Helping Ministries.