Give The Gift of BEEF!

Help Our Neighbors In Need
Give The Gift of Beef This Post-Holiday Season

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of year. For many, it is. For others, it is a time filled with sadness, angst, and loneliness. Once December 26th rolls around, we will begin to see half bare trees line the streets, neighbors on ladders alongside their homes taking down lights, and 50% holiday decor at your local superstore.

We are fortunate to receive an increase of bounty during the holidays so those in need can enjoy the true meaning of Christmas, instead of worrying about whether they will have enough food to eat a meal together on the 25th. But what happens afterwards?

We are partnering with local business, Brown Farm Beef, to provide our clients and families with healthy, homegrown beef this post-holiday season. Rich in Omega 3’s, Vitaman E, and a high CLA content, Brown Farm Beef is the perfect way to help nourish and provide for those struggling with food-insecurity in Rowan County.

Give The Gift Of Beef

Here’s what your contribution does:
-$20 provides meat for almost 5 families
-$50 provides meat for over 10 families for a month
-$200 provides meat for nearly 50 families for a month
-$1,000 provides meat for all of our clients for one whole week
-$4,000 provides meat for all of our clients during the month of January into February

Please help us! We couldn’t do it without you.