Why Give In July?

The Answer Is Elizabeth.

Last summer, 69-year-old Elizabeth got a call from her 90-year-old mother asking for help. Elizabeth's mom was having surgery in New York and there was no one to care for her afterward.

For you and me, this would be an easy decision- go care for your mom and Elizabeth felt the same way. However, she survived on a small fixed income and the trip would use up what little money for had for monthly bills. When she got back in July, there was a notice that her electricity would be disconnected, during the hottest time of year. Elizabeth came to Rowan Helping Ministries for help.  

This is why your support of Why Give In July is so important!

Our Crisis Assistance Network helped Elizabeth pay her past due electricity bill and ensured she would be able to eat for the month. Many others in our community are faced with similar problems during the summer, whether it is to buy medicine or food, or where to sleep.


  • 1,051 individuals and families with $255,053 in assistance. This included past due rent, utilities, medical, dental, prescription medications and so much more.
  • • 2,667 men, women, and families received groceries from our Food Pantry to keep them from going hungry.
  • 1,059 individuals found shoes, clothes, and other items at our Clothing Center

Your generosity and kindness are not taken for granted. On behalf of all those you will help this summer, we THANK YOU in advance for your gifts and for helping put God's love into action.